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About us


Tressa, is the oldest braid factory worldwide and the only one in Switzerland. Straw,a humble raw material, became the base for an important cottage-industry in the Freiamt, a region of the Canton of Aargau in Switzerland. Wohlen, at its center, developed into a hub of high fashion, where, for over two centuries, clever and inventive merchants created materials for the production and trimming of ladies hats. Combining straw with horse-hair, silk, hemp or cotton these products amaze by their unique and exquisite beauty.

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Nowadays Tressa still produce a wide range of various hatbraids and also decorative ribbons, cords, laces, shoelaces, nylon core vents.


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All our braids are made in Switzerland!


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Here you can buy online-courses to make hats with our swiss straw:
Hat Academy

and to create trims with our Starbright or veiled crowns with our crinoline