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  • kordeln_5152

Art. 5152
cord inelastic 1,2 mm
spool at 300 m

colours: fuchsia, red, gold, bronze,
green, blue, silver, black

Art. 5129
cord unelastic 1,1 mm
spool at 300 m or 500 m

gold and silver


Art. 3080
cord of artificial silk elastic yellow
various colours available

Art. 3057
cord elastic 1 mm
silver and gold

Art. 2523
cord elastic 1,5 mm
gold, silver, red, blue


cords for roofers
Art. 3051 cord of cotton 2,5 mm
Art. 3052 cord of cotton 2,0 mm

cord of silk
Art. 2570 cord of artificial silk 1,3 mm
bundled or on spools

cord of cotton or polyester
2 - 3 mm
black, brown, white, rawwhite


Art. 1895/1896
cord unelastic 2 mm gold and silver

Art. 3040/3041 cord 1,0 mm Irise

Art. 2061
cord with wire 1,2 mm
gold, silver, red, blue

Art. 2169
cord unelastic 1,0 mm
gold and silver

Art. 1926
cord hollow unelastic 2,5 mm
on spools or in boxes at 5'000 m available



Art. 50'000

lace elastic
10 mm
spools at 100 m

colours: red, gold, white


Art. 00825

lace elastic
3 mm
various lengths available

colours: silver, gold, blue, red

gruppe litze 00825

Art. 00825

lace elastic
3 mm
various lenghts available

beige, green, red, black,
offwhite, yellow, brown


Art. 1911
lace unelastic 3 mm
gold and silver

Art. 1909
lace elastic 6,5 mm
gold and silver

Art. 2510
lace elastic 6,5 mm
gold and silver

1909 matt Art. 1909 mat
lace elastic 6,5 mm
black, offwhite, yellow


All our braids are made in Switzerland!


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