Geflechtfabrik Tressa AG
alte Bahnhofstrasse 27
CH-5612 Villmergen
Fon +41 (0) 56 622 96 26
Fax +41 (0) 56 610 09 85


We produce in Switzerland demanding braids of a high quality.
hutgeflechte diverse

Our customers produce particularly hats with our "swiss made"-braids. But with a lot of fantasy the also make bags, shoes, clothes, accessories, placemats, hangings, lampshades etc.

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All our braids are made in Switzerland!


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Here you can buy online-courses to make hats with our swiss straw:
Hat Academy

and to create trims with our Starbright or veiled crowns with our crinoline

REACH regulation

Our horsehair braids and our hat braids Paglina and Starbright are marketable and free of substances listed in the REACH-regulation. Reports see under Conditions/Certificats.