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Foundry tubes FLEXAN



Better productivity in castings with minor investments. We are offering our proven flexible
textile core vents / nylon core vents

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As cold setting proccesses become more and more important in the foundry the need for
an adequate method of core venting become obvious. Nearly all of the worldwide foundries
are using flexible core vents.
The result are a better product, less rejects and a shorter finishing time. Get better and
cleaner castings.

Textile vents have some distict advantages.

Allow unrestricted use of cold setting process.
Desintegrate without leaving residues.

No sealing produced around core vents.
Do not reduce permeability of core.

Reduce porosity in castings.

Shorten finishing time.
Fewer rejects occure.

Unaffected by temperature changes while
being stored.

Less clinker because of more inflammable


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